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The word taracea comes from tarcia, which means inlay. Therefore, this technique consist in pieces of wood, nacre, bone, etc., which are set into a surface that is generally wood. In its purely traditional form, the taracea should respect a clearly-defined geometric design and the suitable materials, combinations of colours and ornaments. These handicraft whit remote origins started to be spread since the seventeenth century, together with the appearance of the Islam and it gradually became outstanding in different regions of the Middle East. Its highest point of spreading was achieved through the building of palaces and Mosques in Spain under the Muslim domination. An example of this is the wonderful Alhambra Palace in Granada, where people from the Western World have the possibility of knowing this handicraft. Nowadays, taracea seems doomed to extinction. There are only a few artisans who keep the artistic and purely traditional work. The recent technological advances and the appearance of synthetic materials and mass production machinery are conspiring against the real artisans. Besides, there is a disloyal competition, which is a consequence of the excessive importation. The true artisans today are also fighting against the ignorance and the lack of interest of the cultural entities. When the artisan is alone in his workshop, he keeps alive a portion of the past that is full of history and beauty. Anonymously, only he knows the formula to survive: love for his job and sacrifice. Generally, these craftworks are unique pieces of art. Therefore, they are unrepeatable.


The representation of geometric figures is present in the world since remote times. In ancient times, great importance was given to these forms believing that they represented an immaterial, mystic and religious world. All religions incorporated these geometric figures as symbols of creation and gave them energetic properties. Investigations made in 1970 showed that the geometric coherent systems, that is, symmetrical, emanate a kind of energy called bioplasm which harmonize the senses of the occasional observers. It is not casual that the most important religions of the world adopted geometric coherent figures to represent them: Judaism: the six pointed star and the hexagonal, Islam: the eight pointed star and the octagonal, Christians: the cross, Egyptians: the pyramids, Hinduism: mandalas, etc .In the Big Bang theory, the explosion that scientists mention is a geometric and coherent system. When the microscope was invented geometric forms were discovered, for example in a snowflake. Recent investigations proved that there is a coherent system in the universe called “fractal”. The recent decodification of the DNA and the genetic code also contributed to a coherent geometric system. Therefore, it is clear that the geometric forms have been present since the beginnings of the world. For all these reasons, when you acquire one of these beautiful craftworks you also treasure a millenary knowledge, which is being investigated and re-discovered in present times and it might surprise us in the next years .

Text and investigations: MANUEL ALBERTO MUÑOZ---ARTISAN

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